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The DA200 Direct Thermal Printer Series is ideal for a wide variety of applications including product marking, point of sale, retail, small office, dispatch labels and other labeling applications at the best price anywhere. The DA200 series will be available worldwide from Q2 2015.

The DA200 Series is the perfect combination of affordability with a reliable and durable design. With an unbeatable price, the DA200 series offers 203 and 300 dots per inch of print resolution, with print speeds of up to 5 inches per second. With a large 60 watt source, high quality printed labels are produced, even at the fastest printing speed.

For a simple label loading, the DA200 employs a double-walled, shell-friendly design with a large five-inch input core (outer diameter). The roll loading springs maintain the labels and make loading simpler. The start sensor of the interval stop, black mark or notch are standard. The printer also comes with an open head sensor.

The USB 2.0 connection is standard and includes options such as Ethernet, Serial RS232 and USB-A Host connection. Users can also add the Bluetooth option or 802-11 b / g / n.

The DA200 has enough memory, with 128 MB Flash and 64 MB SDRAM that can be used to easily store fonts, international character sets and graphics, as well as "just open your box" and compatible with a set of industry standard emulations, including Line Mode and Eltron® and Zebra® languages, making it easier to replace old equipment already installed.

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TSC cutter

Cutter, guillotine cut, dealer option, fits for DA200 Series
SKU 98-0580017-00LF
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TSC KU-007

KU-007 Plus Fully Programmable Stand-alone keyboard with BASIC-like Interpreter, for TSC printer
SKU 99-0230001-00LF
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