Zebra MC3300ax, 2D, SE4770, USB, BT, Wi-Fi, NFC, alpha, GMS, Android

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Zebra Technologies
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dispositivo portátil de recopilación de datos, 2D, generador de imágenes (SE4770), 38 teclas, numérico funcional, empuñadura de pistola, altavoz, 10,5 cm (4 ''), USB (2.0), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11ax), NFC, Micro SD -Slot, resolución: 800x480 píxeles, Qualcomm 660, 2.2GHz, RAM: 4 GB, Flash: 32 GB, Android (11), IP64, incluye: Google Mobile Services, batería, batería, Bluetooth Beacon, 7000 mAh
Zebra Technologies
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The ergonomic MC3300ax keypad mobile computer builds upon the extremely successful and versatile MC3300x and offers new functions for enhancing productivity and efficiency in the warehouse and taking the areas behind the scenes in shops and in manufacturing to a new level. The latest generation Wi-Fi 6 connectivity ensures unprecedented wireless performance with low latent time in environments with a high-density environment, the latest WPA3 security and encoding, not to mention security for the future. The optionally available BLE-capable battery and Zebra’s Device Tracker provide additional transparency over the devices. The free-of-charge Enterprise browser offers a secure web browser with many functions, with which you easily create intuitive applications that enhance both productivity and efficiency.

The MC3300ax offers the same proven ergonomics and the extended robust specifications of the MC3300x. A selection of scan engines fulfills practically all data capture requirements, including scanning at an extended range (up to 21.4 m) to reach barcodes in the top warehouse bay. The MC3300ax is based on the latest, most powerful and most secure Android architecture from Zebra and features a battery which lasts up to 3 shifts on a single charge (best in its class). Mobility DNA support makes everything easier – from the user interface up to device maintenance, integration and app development. Make your mobility solution sustainable with the MC3300ax, the latest generation in the MC3300 Series.