Datalogic DL-Axist

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It works with 2D images and provides a fast and reliable capture of all common 1D and 2D barcodes, with visual confirmation at the time of capture of success - thanks to the patented Green Point technology. In addition, the integrated 5 megapixel camera with autofocus offers the ability to capture photos and videos of the appropriate documentation. Equipped with the Android operating system, the Axist offers, user friendly and intuitive operator operation intuitive through touch screen completes its 5 ''. A range of pre-installed business tools, in addition, improve the Axist.

Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, the Axist also supports the so-called Beacon technology: compact Bluetooth senders that provide users with information and are also able to direct them to their destination within buildings. Therefore, the Axist is also suitable for self-shopping. Retailers have the opportunity to offer relevant content in real time. Coupons and discount vouchers can be directly displayed on the screen, once the device has reached a certain position. Therefore, special offers can be sent to customers' devices in real time. In this way, the customer knows exactly which product along his way is already available at a specially reduced price.

The long-life 3,200 / 6,400 mAh lithium-ion batteries, various tools and emulations, as well as the wide selection of accessories (such as headphones, bracket, quad battery charger and much more) extend the application spectrum many times over.

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