Datalogic Falcon X3+

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The Falcon 44xx terminals combine the powerful performance of the latest computer technology with a rugged, yet portable and ergonomic equipment. The technically identical models 4420 (with grip) and 4410 (without grip) were designed for applications in distribution centers, warehouses and commercial environments. The various functions and a wide range of analysis options, low operating temperature, powerful speakers and IP54 compatible sealant make the Falcon 4410/4420 predestined to be better even in the most difficult situations in demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Its hardware features powerful processors from the Intel X-Scale family - 400 MHz, 64 MB of RAM and 64 MB of flash memory (both optionally 128MB). With Microsoft Windows CE operating systems, (CE.NET or mobile) these terminals achieve performance and flexibility that allows virtually any possible application. The integrated Wi-Fi connection interface is used to connect to the company's local area networks with Wi-Fi 802.11b. Datalogic is a Cisco Premier Partner certificate, which guarantees a competent, secure and powerful application of this technology with all Falcon devices. For your existing Bluetooth applications, a Bluetooth version of Class II is also available.

The basic version has a standard laser scanner for 1D bar codes. From a distance of up to 90 cm, barcodes will be decoded completely automatically. Optionally, there are also versions with long-range sensors or CMOS sensors (by 2D barcodes). Additional information can be entered using the brand's 8.9 cm (3.5 '') touch screen (320x240 pixels), or the alphanumeric keypad with 26 or 52 silicone keys.

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