Datalogic Heron HD3430

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Datalogic ADC is pleased to announce the release of the Heron HD3430 2D area imager. The HD3430 2D area imager is the first handheld reader featuring a proprietary 2D multi-purpose imaging engine developed by Datalogic.

This high-performance 2D scan engine features a global shutter WVGA sensor optimized for high speed-to-read and outstanding motion tolerance, a key feature for the Retail market and POS checkout applications.

In particular, when the Heron HD3430 2D area imager is used in its stand, the high motion tolerance allows bar codes to be read easily and precisely even when moving quickly and carelessly in front of the scanners window.

The unmatched ergonomics of this product versus any other competitor is further enhanced by an efficient white illumination and precise 4-dot center-cross laser aiming system for the most effective data capture activity at the POS checkout. Furthermore, Datalogics patented Green Spot technology is included, providing visual feedback with each bar code read.

The HD3430 2D area imager raises the bar for the best scanning experience. It introduces a new concept around POS checkout applications in the specialty retail market and provides a number of distinctive features which brings the POS checkout to a whole new level.