Datalogic Magellan 2300HS / 2200VS

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the compact code scanners bars Datalogic Magellan 2xxx series offer capture professional barcode at the point of sale in retail. The Magellan is the perfect solution when high performance is required and professional hardware in a popular selling point. Receives the Magellan as either horizontally or vertically in a scanner counter

Magellan 2300HS compact is a horizontal scanner that is based on the same professional technology used in 8000. It is therefore particularly suitable for medium series high-performance applications in food retailing, chemical or department stores . A combination of 1,800 scan lines per second and depth of field of more than 15 cm ensures fast article scan, while the unique software features and functions provide greater operational capacity.

with dimensions of 16 mers x 16 cm, which has a pattern of dense reading of 18 lines and 100 scans per second for maximum ergonomics point of sale. A flash memory ensures easy firmware update and software features, such as productivity index reporting and advanced first attack to decode offer analysis, administrative and remote functions.

With multiple interface integrated Magellan 2300HS is always flexible and can react instantly to different needs. Only the corresponding cable is required and the device communicates via the selected interface. Further, it has an RS232 port power that can be used to connect a scanner additional external hand

the Magellan 2200VS vertical reads all commercial bar codes like horizontal version. Its pattern of large reading of 20 lines, omnidirectional also reads bar codes at 100 scans per second. Install on the platform provided in the box and simply connect through the interface of choice. Staff cash table below, I pass items along the large window of impact resistant view - of course with generous clearance space due to the 23 cm depth of field. Integrated buzzer then confirms all barcodes scanned successfully and therefore accelerates performance pay