Datalogic Magellan 800i

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the handheld scanner Magellan 800i and presentation is the development of the existing series; that unites all the properties of its predecessors with a low price. Equipped with the latest image technology that reads bar codes quickly and error free. The bar code technology ensures rapid referral Illumix and simple reading of monitors and screens. These features improve the speed and productivity in the box. The scanner automatically adjusts the brightness properties and imaging, for easy reading even in very bright or very dark conditions. Further, It supports EAS and locking

according to your needs, you can choose between 1D or 2D models. If necessary, you can reconfigure the imaging 1D - updates are simple and can be performed at any time. In short, you only buy what you need. Thanks to its compact housing, saving valuable space. You can also optionally mount the scanner on the desk or wall. From the imager contains no moving parts, the Magellan 800i is highly resistant. It can further reduce operating costs through programmable sleep mode