Datalogic Magellan 9300i/9400i

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The Magellan 9300i scanner input / 9400i Datalogic captivates with its proven housing design and powerful 2D image technology. As a result quickly and reliably scans the product of all aircraft, ensuring high performance in the box. Its shape will remind a traditional counter scanner with its horizontal and vertical window. It comes in three variations in length, offering compatibility with existing areas of point of sale and scanning technologies, and an attractive price-performance ratio. Datalogic confident in the extreme robustness of its unique and integrated Clear Glass which gives the first owner with a lifetime warranty.

With the optional scanner Customer Service (CSS) you can easily engage customers with the scanning process to scan codes and paralelizarlos reimbursement paper coupons and even smartphone screens. This is compatible with e-commerce campaigns and significantly reduces overall processing time. Numerous maintenance possibilities and functions come standard with scanners counter Datalogic - with Wavelink Avalanche, JavaPOS, OPOS and many solutions additional management always has convenient access to statistics, scanner information and status reports via remote maintenance.