Elo Touch Solutions 1517L /1717L

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Excellent optics combined with modern touch technology

What an optical delight: with the touchmonitors 1517L and 1717L from Elo Touch Solutions, working became fun. Both the design and presentation are excellent, and you can choose between four leading touchscreen technologies: AccuTouch (resistive), IntelliTouch, IntelliTouch Pro PCAP and iTouch (surface acoustic wave), whose advantages show their full potential according to applications. Also take advantage of a zero-bevel seamless design, to improve its elegant appearance, in addition to ensuring easy cleaning.

Enjoy a wide area of ​​application for the 1517L and the 1717L. Thanks to their robust housing, they are an excellent option for points of sale and information, as well as for many other areas of public use. At the same time, they are also ideal in the box or in the administrative office. The standard aspect ratio of 4: 3 (1517L) or 5: 4 (1717L) provides a screen size large enough for a multitude of applications. In the same way, the monitors also score with an absolutely accurate input from the touch panel. The LED backlight saves energy without compromising the quality of the screen.

For bright images, rely on a resolution of up to 1,280 x 1,024 pixels (1717L), a contrast ratio of up to 800: 1 and 16.7 million colors. The monitor adjustment control keys are located on the side of the monitor. If the monitor is used in a public area, these keys can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

Both touch monitors come in black or white, to better fit the work environment. There's also a practical removable stand for extra security: easily mount it on the countertop. The VESA compatible mounting device for the wall or pivot arm options maximizes user flexibility. The integration of touch monitors is just as easy: a serial and USB connection (touch connection) and a VGA port simplify the connection. For a larger operating area, choose the optional magnetic stripe reader or the customer's back side screen. All peripherals are easily installed on the site, in the field. Enjoy three years of peace during the warranty period, making your investment worthwhile.