Evolis Avansia

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The Evolis Avansia card printer works with a retransfer printing system of high performance and performance. It is an ideal card printer for corporate card card printing applications, secure identification for access control, student cards, cards of loyalty, official documents such as driver's licenses, etc.


The print quality offered by the retransfer technology of the Evolis Avansia printer is excellent, it makes a real blood print (beyond the edge of the card), with a photographic finish and on cards with irregular surfaces. It is the ideal solution for chip cards or RFID, since it uses retransfer technology, which prints on the protective film instead of on the card directly. In addition, the protection offered by the film minimizes the damages of the card derived from the use. Printing in high resolution, 600dpi. Images and text are printed in superior quality, in the same way that watermarks are printed in high definition. Print to real blood. The professional printing of the new Evolis Avansia guarantees that the edges of the card will be completely covered with the printing. Consumables High Trust of Evolis. Using them guarantees the best printing results and conservation of the printer.