Evolis Quantum 2

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The Evolis Quantum 2 ID card printer is designed to produce high-volume batches quickly and affordability. It can print 1000 monochrome cards or 125 color cards per hour. Detachable and interchangeable hoppers store up to 500 cards.

Smart Card Encoding

The Quantum 2 features a reversible encoding unit so that cards are printed and encoded without being flipped over. It encodes magnetic stripe, smart contact and contactless cards and can print double-sided cards. By encoding the cards without flipping them, you save seconds per card you print—this adds up quickly when you are printing large batches of hundreds of cards.

Economic Printing

Designed to save time and money, the Quantum 2 utilizes economical consumables. High-capacity ribbons can print up to 3000 monochrome or 500 color cards, making it a low maintenance machine. It outperforms desktop printers and is an affordable alternative to industrial machines. A locking system protects against unauthorized use.