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The FARGO® C50 card printer offers a simple and reliable solution at an affordable price. Ready to plug and use, the C50 can create custom IDs for membership and loyalty cards, identifications for casino employees, or visitor credentials for schools when and where needed, in five minutes or less.

Thanks to its elegant and compact design, the C50 is easily adaptable to any environment, even to the smallest offices. Designed with efficiency in mind, the C50 has built-in Swift ID ™ ID creation software, as well as an automatic printer for sanitary control monitors thanks to the FARGO Workbench ™ diagnostic tool, as well as a card and tape cleaning cartridge. printer, all in one printer, easy to install, so that the printing of your cards is not a concern for you.

Backed by a two-year global warranty, the C50 can be seamlessly integrated with other HID products, ensuring you receive and get the most out of the most trusted brand in security ID solutions.

Product description

Very competitive cost of the Fargo C50 printer and its consumables.

Easy to use and very intuitive.

Free software for Swift ID® card design.

Physically protected head for longer printer life.

Quality of photographic printing with resolution of 300 dpi. and more than 16 million colors.

Minimum maintenance Includes diagnostic and maintenance software Workbench.

Compact design ideal for placing on a table or counter.

Software drivers compatible with most systems.

Fargo consumables: Flexible choice of standard Fargo EZ or Fargo ECO ribbon (reusable) both with cleaning roller.

Reliability of leading brand Printers Fargo.

The Fargo C50 card printer is the leader in the range of Fargo brand printers. It is a printer with high quality printing and easy to use, ideal for low volumes of printing on site.

Integrates Swift ID card design software, very intuitive.

Easy installation of ribbons. It includes front hatch that allows to change them easily.

Minimum maintenance It includes software of diagnosis and maintenance Wockbench that guarantees the perfect operation of the printer of cards.

Printing in monochrome or color (see Fargo tape).

The Fargo C-50 printer allows a minimum cost per card which makes it the leading card printer in its sector.


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Bundle Fargo C50

Fargo C50 Card Printer + Print Kit. (Includes: USB cable, 100 PVC UltraCard ™ plastic cards and an EZ-YMCKO Ribbon cartridge). It includes: - USB Cable...
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