Genesis Honeywell 7580g

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Genesis of Honeywell 7580g is the world's first image display area scanner designed to decode 1D, PDF and 2D. It impresses through features such as the revolutionary progressive image technology with greater efficiency, the sleek, yet durable design, as well as the shallow box.

The Genesis 7580g Scanner is extremely robust, as its internal assembly consists of only a single circuit board without any plug connections, cables or other moving parts. Until now, users faced a problem that is repeated in presentation scans as they would be dazzled by the intense blinking of the LEDs. Genesis avoids this by placing the LEDs on the upper edge of the depressed frame within the scanner window. In addition, with FirstFlash technology, barcodes are scanned with the initial LED blinking, thus minimizing frequent illumination.

The patented CodeGate technology, with its activation button located in the center, is compatible with other scanning applications directed by scanning menu and. CodeSelect allows the Genesis 7580g to capture up to 15 bar codes in a single flash and output data in any predetermined order. Optionally, the Genesis 7580g also offers a practical EAS function: simultaneous barcode scanning and deactivation tag increases employee efficiency.