Honeywell Captuvo

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A mobile and practical smartphone - this is a reality with the Captuvo Honeywell. In combination with the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad Mini, to expand the functionality 'to improve the personal relations of the customer, for example, or to add effectively and quickly something that patients of mobile devices of medical records. With its integrated 2D image player you can find and compare data in a matter of seconds, or look for other similar products. With the corresponding application from the Apple App Store you turn the Captuvo at an affordable cat-of-all-trade price for inventory, in support of sales and medical offices.

In the App Store there are more than 650,000 applications available that strongly support this practical tool. Several scheduled applications make the Captured even more efficient. Operation through its touch screen is easy, since you are used to it, plus the optional card reader and scanner are so easy to operate. With a simple hand movement to protect the Apple device inside, so that it can not fall off. The stable housing of the health care variant protects the technology not only during drops, but also supports aggressive cleansers.

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Honeywell holster

Holster with integrated belt clip and spare battery pouch fits forDolphin 70e Black, 75e, Captuvo SL22 & SL42, and Dolphin 60s
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Honeywell ChargeBase EU

ChargeBase EU, four-bay, lightening connector, incl. EU power cord and power supply, for Captuvo SL22 for iPod touch Generation 5 and SL42 for iPhone 5 and 5s
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Honeywell Homebase

Homebaseô for Captuvo SL22 for iPod touch 5 & SL42 for iPhone 5 . Single-bay sled charging cradle. Includes US, EU, and UKpower adapter and power supply
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