Honeywell QuantumT 3580

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The QuantumT 3580 by Honeywell is a very powerful omnidirectional laser scanner for all prevalent bar codes. The compact mini case can be easily positioned or fixed on your countertop or variable base. Its small size combined with an extraordinarily high scanning speed of 1,650 readings per second make it the perfect choice for pharmacies, jewelry stores and other exclusive stores. At the same time, this also makes the scanner ideal for laboratories, medicines and press stores where space is very limited.

Due to its small size of only 66 x 67 x 108 mm and two available housing colors, the QuantumT 3580 easily adapts to any environment. Mount it anywhere you want without using your space - on or under the cash desk, on walls, furniture or appliances. The elegant housing not only satisfies you, but also helps furniture and vending machines manufacturers to integrate scanners into their products.
An omnidirectional view helps the QuantumT 3580 read the bar code from any direction within a distance of up to 21 cm. If not mounted, the QuantumT 3580 is also an excellent handheld scanner that is easily positioned and directed towards the product. Of course, the QuantumT 3580 is not only capable of scanning omnidirectional and programmable scanning fields, but also conventional single-line scanning lines (for example, for digitizing menus with many barcodes).

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