Honeywell Tecton

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Are you looking for a mobile device with better performance? The Honeywell Tecton is a robust portable terminal that even impress the most demanding users with its performance. Located in its very robust IP65-certified plastic housing resides the 806 MHz fast processor. To achieve maximum longevity and robustness, the electronic components are soldered and glued to the motherboard. This effectively protects against falls and avoids long downtimes. An epoxy-topped keyboard (either with 55 or 32 keys) protects against wear and tear, as well as chemicals transported through the air and spilled.

Thanks to its large touch screen (screen size: 8.9 cm / 3.5 ''), multiple scanning options (1D, auto-range, 2D), 802.11 an optional connectivity / b / g Wi-Fi, powerful battery Ergonomic design and the SD memory card slot, the Tecton meets all the typical daily requirements. The special version for use in cold storage, the Tecton CS, comes with a heated display, which can also be easily operated with gloves. Therefore, this terminal also ensures for smooth operation even in extreme temperatures of up to -30 ° C.

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