Unitech MS840B

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The robust Bluetooth wireless reader MS840B is a premium wireless reader ready to be distributed in the most difficult work environments. Synchronize directly with a host computer and start scanning immediately.

Markets / Applications

Leave the cables and be able to do more. With the MS840B Bluetooth barcode reader you will never have to worry about losing your connection or losing data. Instead, your team can focus on efficiency and productivity. Move around your warehouse space to process shipments, receptions and inventory management. Use the equipment inside or outside and process returns with the MS840B in light industrial spaces. And, of course, this barcode scanner is a great option for taking inventory on the sales floor and in the warehouse.

Powerful exploration

The MS840B has the Unitech Mantis decoder for fast and aggressive readings. This wireless barcode scanner optimizes data capture with its powerful laser scan engine. Never strain to read a damaged or poorly printed barcode again.

Mobility without restrictions: enjoy 90 mt of wireless freedom. This will give your business the flexibility it requires to operate smoothly and efficiently.


Synchronizing the MS840B with a computer or smartphone is a simple process. You can configure the MS840B to transmit the readings to your host device in real time, simply download our Quick Start Guide to start working immediately.

This Bluetooth barcode reader has a support accessory that can be mounted on a desk or on a wall (although the device is fully functional without a base) and has a handy scanner locator button.

You can also synchronize up to three MS840B scanners on a single base for convenience and communication.


Conveniently, our Bluetooth barcode scanner repels dust and water, protecting the technology. It can also withstand drops of up to 1.8 m on concrete, which brings durability and lasting value to your equipment.


• High performance laser scan engine

• Able to scan all 1D barcodes

• Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort

• Multiple scanning modes

• Adjustable volume beep

• Drop threshold of 1.8 mt

• Sealing against moisture and dust

• Cot available

• Can synchronize 3 scanners per cradle

• 1 year warranty