Unitech MS842P

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With the 2D wireless barcode reader, capture all the most important 1D and 2D bar codes at a distance of up to 10 m away from your computer. Powered by popular 2.4 GHz technology, the MS842P is an affordable alternative to Bluetooth.

Markets / Applications

The MS842P can read 1D and 2D bar codes from the phone's screens, making it a great tool for capturing electronic coupons, processing mobile payments and issuing tickets.


  • Point of sale

  • Mobile payment Health sector

  • Medicine administration

  • Patient care Electronic Tickets

  • Airports

  • Theaters

  • Theme parks


USB receiver

Like Bluetooth barcode readers, the MS842P wireless scanner transmits data at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Unlike Bluetooth bar code readers, Unitech 2.4 GHz readers come with a USB dongle used to communicate with your computer. It does not matter if your computer has Bluetooth capabilities or not, the dongle does all the work. Many electronic devices such as the wireless mouse and keyboards use dongles like ours, making this technology familiar and easy to adopt.

Integrating the MS842P to your computer system is a breeze: simply read the barcode on the USB dongle, plug the dongle into a USB port, and start capturing data. Our MS842P Quick Start Guide illustrates how fast it is to put the MS842P to work.

The USB receiver increases efficiency and battery life, collecting key data for much longer than bluetooth scanners.

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The MS842P wireless barcode reader reads barcodes both digitally and printed reliably and aggressively. With this scanner you will be able to read the printed screens and labels in the same transaction.

The MS842P is also equipped with the buffer mode for reading out of range. Feel free to walk outside the wireless communication range, the MS842P will know how to start storing the readings. Once you are back in the communication range, the scanner will transmit the information to the host computer, ensuring there is no loss of data in your business.

The MS842P is also available with a base for easy loading and storage.

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This wireless 2D scanner is built to withstand the wear and tear of the working world. The robust cabinet of the MS842P protects its internal technology, protecting it from prolonged exposure to water and dust. The MS842P also survives repeated falls of 1.8 m on concrete. You can rest easy knowing that your workflow will not be interrupted by accidents, saving you time and money that your business needs to thrive. With a long-lasting trigger guaranteed for 10 million scans, the MS842 offers an extraordinary return on your investment.

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• Read all the major 1D and 2D bar codes

• Read digital and printed bar codes

• Buffer mode for scanner out of range

• 10 hours of battery life

• Wireless range: 10 mt

• Weight: 300 grams

• Supports 1.8 mt drops on concrete

• Sealing against moisture and dust

• Cot available

• 1 year warranty