Scanner Code. Cordless bars

Wireless or wireless barcode scanners use radio frequencies or Bluetooth technology to send the scanned information to a base or base station connected to a computer via a USB cable, serial cable or other connecting cable. One advantage of a wireless barcode scanner is that it gives the user the freedom to move the scanner to the inventory instead of having to transport the inventory to the scanner, saving time and resources. In addition, a wireless scanner improves productivity by offering a longer scan range, sometimes up to 200 feet.

Some wireless bar code scanners are built with internal memory storage, which allows the user to store several scans without having to be right next to the base or base base station. We also offer a portfolio of wireless barcode scanners that can be connected to an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

If you are looking for a scanner bar code with an operating system, see our complete line of computer & nbsp; mobile . Otherwise, call one of our experts or browse our catalog of wireless barcode scanners.