Digital Signature Pad

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With digitizers signature capturing and digitizing of handwritten signatures it is a matter of seconds, and high quality output has numerous applications: identification, signature and document validation (including during travel). And paper usage is reduced, processes are optimized and the brand image of companies is improved

SIG100 and SIG200 offer various benefits.

  • Precision and safety
  • Experience natural signature
  • documents and publicity
  • Ease of use and integration
  • the capture signature linking simplicity and security

Sig100 firms tablets and Evolis Sig200 are designed to capture electronic signatures quickly, efficiently and safely. In a few seconds, the signing of its partners register for multiple uses: identity, signature and validation of all kinds of electronic documents. Thus, production of paper documents is reduced, processes are optimized and the brand image of your organization is strengthened.

slimline design and smooth surface for a natural signature.

data Capture: 500 Hz and 1040 dpi for high precision

USB connection Plug'n Play

encrypted data transfer to your computer

standard style for a simple and economical replacement.