Zebra LI3678

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Unstoppable performance for 1D barcode capture as part of the Zebra 3600 Series of Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Every day, workers in your warehouse and on the manufacturing plant floor scan thousands of barcodes to ensure product quality and on-time order delivery. Their productivity depends on the quality of the scanner you put in their hands. When workers need to capture 1D barcodes, you can give them the best with the 1D LI3678 cordless scanner, offering unmatched durability, superior scanning performance and unrivaled manageability, while delivering lightning-fast capture of any 1D barcode printed on a label in virtually any condition, or displayed on a screen. The ultra-rugged design is practically indestructible ideal for punishing environments.

The LI3678 couldnt be easier and less time-consuming to deploy and manage. And when it comes to cordless technology, the LI3678 is in a class of its own, with a complete solution that includes a sealed rugged cradle, a smart battery and Zebra's Wi-Fi Friendly Mode that prevents interference with your Wi-Fi network. Get the unstoppable performance you need to maximize workforce productivity and throughput in your operations with the LI3678 only from Zebra.

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Zebra adaptor, ethernet

Adaptor, Ethernet, STD TCP/IP, 24 VDC, RJ45, fits for: DS36XX, LI36XX
SKU EA3600-T1CP-00
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Zebra cradle, sealed

Charging / Communication cradle for Zebra 3678 series, multi-interface, Bluetooth, IP65, order seperately: connection cable, power supply
SKU FLB3678-C100F3WW
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Zebra cradle

Zebra charge- and communication cradle for 3678 series, multi interface, bluetooth, order separately: power supply(KIT-PWR-12V50W)
SKU STB3678-C100F3WW
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