Zebra MC55X

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make and receive calls, take pictures and watch videos, among other actions, with a single terminal.

They are also distinguished by incorporating the latest technological developments in terms of display, data processing, operating systems phones, memory and power, meeting the needs of the most demanding professionals.

the MC55X Zebra is a versatile and compact handset that easily meets the requirements in retail, production and storage. This handy mobile terminal provides a simple and easy handling communication with wireless networks, thanks to (IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n) and Bluetooth 2.1.

If you want to capture photos, videos and other documents, color camera with focus automatic and high resolution (8MP) provides the performance required by mobile professionals.

Unlike other PDA, the MC55X units have been developed to facilitate the exchange of data and voice over the LAN. The result is a better user experience, because of the reliability of communications.

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Zebra RCH51 Headset

RCH51 Headset, IP67, incl.: Headband, ear pad, windscreen, headband pad, temple pad, order separately: adapter, fits for: WT41N0, MC3200, MC9200, TC70, TC75,...
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Auriculares Zebra HS2100

S2100 Rugged Wired Headset (Over-The-Head Headband) includes HS2100 Boom Module and HSX100 Over-The-Head Headband Module
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