Zebra MC67

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The Zebra MC67 handheld provides mobile workers rapid and reliable communications and advanced technology to help where needed - out at work. The terminal is compatible with courier drivers, field staff and mechanics with intelligent features such as communication via HSPA +. 802.11 a / b / g / n, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a powerful 2D scanner and an optional 8-megapixel camera with high-resolution photos and videos. Answering emails, making phone calls, barcode and document capture, as well as remote diagnostics and documentation of damage during transport mere incidentals converted. voice transmission is very clear, thanks to its dual microphone technology.

The housing is designed for daily use: the MC67 supports easily falls from a height of 1.8 m (across the temperature range -20 to + 50 ° C), and is protected from dust and water to IP65 and IP67 (preumium) or IP64 (base). In short, it is the ideal companion in heat, cold, rain and ice. Inside a 1GHz (raw) or 800MHz (base) to 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB flash memory guarantee for reliable performance - Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Android 4.1

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Car Mount

Car mount for Zebra MC55/MC65 and MC67 with the standard and extended battery
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