Zebra MT2000

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With Zebra's MT2000 series devices, you get the ideal combination of mobile handheld terminals along with the professionalism and ergonomics of a gun-type barcode scanner - and all for the price of an industrial handheld scanner: the Mobile equipment is designed to improve productivity, efficiency and time of operation in warehouses and production, while using the same device to carry out data collection and make an inventory in retail and commerce. The high performance MT2000 series combines the ease of a barcode scanner and the performance of a mobile data collection device with extensive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The different models are available with a laser scanner for 1D codes (scan range up to 127 cm) or with a 1D imager, 2D bar codes (optionally HD), but also for scanning images, signatures and videos . In addition to an Intel XScale 312 MHz processor with Windows CE 5.0 operating system and 64 MB of memory guarantee a wide range of applications and special flexibility. The user enters the additional data with the 21-key keyboard and displays them on the LC 320x240 pixels screen.

The data is transmitted wirelessly via Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g) or via Bluetooth with a range of more than 90 meters. In addition, optimal communication is provided through the terminal session. For cable connections, you can return to a multi-interface USB / RS232 version. BT cradles are used directly through the USB, serial or Ethernet interface - the charger and various accessories, such as the Intellistand for hands-free reading ensure the necessary flexibility.

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USB-cable, power plus

4.6m) Power Plus USB Cable - Coiled. Compatible with: DS3408, DS3478, DS3508, DS3578, DS6607, DS6608, DS6707, DS6708, DS6878, DS9808, LI4278, LS1203, LS2208,...
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Single Slot Bluetooth Cradle

Single Slot Bluetooth Cradle with Charge and Multi-Interface - MT2070, MT2090 - Charges the battery installed in the device and, when the pairing bar code on...
SKU STB2078-C10007WR
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