Zebra RS6000

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Maximum power for maximum operation! That is what you get from the 1D/2D ring scanner RS6000 from Zebra. What awaits you: an aggressive scan engine which quickly reads barcodes, even from greater distances than comparable scanners are capable of. The RS6000 is extremely robust, drop-resistant from heights up to 1.8 m and repels water and dirt particles, thanks to IP65 certification. With its powerful battery the ring scanner handles up to 70,000 scans per charge. For simple battery management use the structurally identical battery for the WT6000 mobile computer too.

Use the RS6000 equally for right-handed or left-handed users – both are possible. Thanks to an integrated motion sensor users do not need to use the trigger, effectively leaving them with both hands free. With the "Wi-Fi Friendly Mode" the RS6000 avoids disruptions and Wi-Fi interferences which are often caused by other Bluetooth devices. The tap-to-pair function makes it easier for you to connect the RS6000 to Zebra's wrist computer, the WT6000, in a matter of seconds – without your device accidentally connecting with another device within your range.

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Zebra single slot cradle, USB

Single Slot Charge USB Cradle - RS6000 - Allows charging of 1x RS6000 and 1x spare battery (BTRY-NWTRS-33MA-01) - Provides USB support - Requires Power Suppl...
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Zebra charging station, 5-slot

5-Slot Charge Only Cradle with Spare Battery Charging - RS6000 - Allows charging of five RS6000 ring scanners and five spare batteries - Can also be wall or...
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