Zebra WT6000

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Wearable computers give workers the hands-free mobility they need to boost productivity to a new level. But workers find today's wearables uncomfortableuntil now. Introducing the WT6000the Android wearable computer that sets a new standard for enterprise-class wearability. It's smaller and lighter than other wearables on the market. With its incredible new mounting system, the WT6000 fits comfortably on every worker, on any size arm.

The larger touchscreen provides more real estate to display intuitive graphical Android applications. Integrated NFC allows workers to instantly tap-to-pair with Zebra's Bluetooth ring scanner, Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth printers at the start every shift, making it easy to deploy a complete hands-free speech-directed solution. Also, the industrial rugged design delivers maximum uptime in the most demanding environments. The result? Maximum comfort. Maximum durability. Maximum workforce productivity. The WT6000 puts the wearable in industrial wearable computing. The companion scanner to the WT6000 is the RS6000.