Zebra ZC Series

Card printing in an elegant streamlined shape? The new models ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350 from Zebra prove that it's possible. But why three? Because each device in the ZC Series is designed for a different target group, depending on which performance, quality and features users specifically require.

The ZC100, for example, is the market-entry model and prints single-sided plastic cards, communicates via USB and is optionally able to encode magnetic stripes. It prints both monochrome and color cards at a speed of up to 700 cards per hour – the optimal output for applications in retail and/or direct customer contact.

If you are looking for more possibilities, then the ZC300 is ideal for you. It features all the qualities of the ZC100, and users print double-sided with this model, upon request. USB and Ethernet are integrated factory-direct; optionally it also comes with WLAN. The amount of various ribbon types that this printer processes is also significantly higher.

 ZC350, the third candidate, offers professional users the full spectrum of modern card printing. As the premium model, the ZC350 features better performance, a higher output and the full pallet of ribbons, including special ribbons for 3D effects or particularly long-wearing print results. It also may be expanded for encoding cards with RFID tags.