Datalogic SH15 Blackline, 110-230 VAC, USB, RS232, BT, Ethernet, WLAN

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Terminal du véhicule, 38,1 cm (15), projeté capacitif, luminosité: 400cd, USB (4x), rs232 (2x), Bluetooth (catégorie 4), Ethernet (10 / 100/1000mbit), Wlan (802.11a / b / b / G / N), HDMI, 1024x768 Pixels, Intel Core i5, 1,8 GHz, RAM: 16 Go, Flash: 32 Go, Win Embedded Standard 7, IP65, IP67
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The SH15 Blackline from Datalogic is a rugged vehicle computer for warehouses, manufacturing and other demanding environments. Its 15'' multi-touch screen is armored with 3 mm thick safety glass and may even be operated with gloves. Add to this an anti-glare coating, which makes the display well readable in less than ideal light.

The SH15 Blackline is protected against dust and moisture according to IP65 and IP67 standards. Besides the touch screen the SH15 Blackline is equipped with four programmable keys for direct usage. Used outside of vehicles operate it as a stationary computer. If necessary it supplies itself independently with energy for up to 30 minutes with the optional backup battery.

When it comes to the operating system you have your choice between Windows Embedded Standard 7 or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for the vehicle computer. Choose between an energy-efficient Intel Quad-Core or a high-performance Intel Core i5 processor. For wireless connection, the SH15 Blackline supports Bluetooth and WLAN. Expand the scope of usage of the vehicle computer with many accessories, including keyboards and barcode scanners.

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